51% Interest in Cessna P210 - $1 buy-in, approximately $13,000/yr for share of net expenses + $75/hr

One of the current partners is looking to sell his 51% share in a 1980 Pressurized, turbo-charged Cessna 210 (N731NU). The Cessna P210 is a 5-6 seat aircraft that averages 165kts at 17.5 gal/hr. The pressurization allows you to get over quite a bit more weather with much less altitude fatigue and often find more favorable tail winds, all without having to use supplemental oxygen. Pressurization and turbocharger operations can be quickly learned with insurance approved training here at KCHO. Aircraft is equipped with 6 headsets (two of which are Bose active noise canceling), Garmin 430WAAS, Slaved HSI, Coupled Autopilot, 2020 Compliant ADS-B Transponder, DME, iPad mount, stand-by electric attitude indicator, storm scope, MP3 capable audio panel with pilot/crew isolation, and Stratus 2 ADS-B receiver. Resides in a hangar on the south ramp and is under management which provides plane washing, database updates, and lease management. If you want to use it for business use, you can even lease it to your business in order to write off the business expense. Share price being offered is very low due to the amount of financing on the aircraft. Click here to see the relevent aircraft documents.  Call us a 434-466-3968 or click here to send a message for more information or to schedule a demonstration flight.


P210 OutsideP210 Interior P210 Panel